Google Camera for vivo V29 Pro

Download Google Camera for vivo V29 Pro and enjoy perfect camera quality with AI software support.

Google Camera has multiple versions for different Android smartphones as it works through ports. Some older devices don’t work with the Google camera apps because they use different android versions. The main thing we need to remember is that there is no universal version of Google Camera that would work every phone.

But in this article I will explain everything you need to know about the best GCam version for vivo V29 Pro phone, where to get it, how to install it, and give you a complete overview of the app.

Including those things, we’ll also let you know about the process of installing or loading the XML Config files to the Google Camera app and making your camera configurations like the professionals.

This will help smartly on the way to becoming the best in photography and understanding most of the in-app options such as hue, saturation, contrast, pro-res zoom, HDR+ Enhanced, etc. more clearly.

After having the best mixes that professionals use, you can still make your own changes and comprehend what each tool does by simply taking back an overview to the camera on every single change. Your journey starts now.

What is GCam APK or Google Camera?

In the whole world of android devices and their stock camera software, Google Camera is a revolutionary app loved by everyone among all others. We know that there are tremendous android smartphones and everyone has their UI, but Google Camera is developed majorly for the Google Pixel smartphones, which uses the pure stock AI as it is. It’s a camera app with no flaw and the high processing power to process the most epic pictures.

Google Camera for All Vivo Phones

In contrast, the hardest thing to know is that you cannot use the exact Google Camera app on your device because Now, it won’t sound compatible in any way. If you are not using a Pixel device, the first requirement you would have is of the Google Camera Port.

Now, this one is the same Google Camera app, but a ported version created differently by unique developers to contain capability to work with the different android devices and brands.

Now, the problem is solved as even if you have a rooted android smartphone or an uprooted one, you can download Vivo GCam port versions called GCam APKs and install them simplistically. But again a question arose, how many versions of GCam are actually there?

It’s hard to answer because there are many different versions of it, and many developers are working on it every day. But if you’re looking for one for the GCam For vivo V29 Pro, we got the best reference for you.

GCam APK vs. Stock Camera of vivo V29 Pro

The vivo V29 Pro Stock camera and Google Camera have similar features and differences, so the table would be much bigger than the one in this article.

GCam APK vs. Stock Camera

Differences are the reality that gives you a chance to get switched to a better interface with all the better features that you ought to use while capturing the sharp pictures. So, we have found a few important aspects and listed them all below one by one to help you choose the better one

❇️ User Interface

It all comes down to the user interface, as those apps with no better user interface are damn complicated to be used for the beginners. Well, we’re talking about both the stock camera apps, so there would be no single chance of having a complex user interface.

Both of them include an easy app interface with all those modes listed one by one and an option to customize them in the end. There would be a simpler look btw in the Google Camera for being a super stock camera.

❇️ HDR Photography

HDR Photography features are an easy availability in the Google Cameras, where most stock cameras don’t have it yet. Although, Vivo phones got an option to choose among HDR and HDR Advanced at a quite low processing and impact as compared to Google Camera.

GCam is known at its best for HDR photography, and it allows you to use among HDR, HDR+, and HDR+ Enhanced options to click the best pictures even while having low background lights.

❇️ Camera Focusing

Camera Focusing sounds a little hard in the stock camera app of this Vivo Smartphone. You will be required to click every time on the screen at the time when you’ll lose the focus to the space where you basically want it. On the other side, GCam has an autofocus lock feature that works just in a single click to lock that focus and no need for next struggles anymore.

❇️ Camera Modes

There are these amazing camera modes available with the Google Camera app to use in the way, including Camera, Portrait, Slow motion, Recorder, Time-Lapse, Playground, Panorama, Photo Sphere, Astrophotography, etc. Whereas, Vivo’s stock camera also has most of these features, except for the Photo Sphere, Playground, and Astrophotography.

❇️ Color Adjustments

You can play with the colors and lights inside this amazing version of stock camera, Google Camera, that’s not possible in most of the stock camera apps. You won’t believe it, but the Settings page of GCam contains more than 30 different camera settings you can apply one by one and customize the whole color part, including the BW balance, hue, saturation, etc. Elsewhere, vivo V29 Pro’s stock camera contains a few options, but not as many as the Google Camera.

❇️ Camera Stability

Camera Stability would also be a part of the difference between both the camera apps, as the Google Camera presently includes the AI stability features.

It automatically captures the stabilized videos and even later you can stabilize it more by getting through the Google Camera’s editing mode. Stock camera, on the other side, has almost no camera stability options, and it doesn’t even stabilize the camera as per your desires when working as a video recorder.

That’s Why Many people like the Google Camera for vivo V29 Pro because it comes with all of that cool software for free.

Best GCam Version for vivo V29 Pro

There are three recommendations you will get from this site if you are using a vivo V29 Pro Smartphone and looking to install the Google Camera app on your smartphone. The best among all these 3 isn’t that easy, as all of them are best in some things.

We had a talk about many developers making GCam ports for Vivo, and the exact thing is happening in here as we got three different developer creations listed one by one with features of each –

✔️ GCam APK BSG Version

BSG is the well-known option, and it sounds as the best development for Google Camera, being a port, and similar time being compatible with most smartphone brands. You’ll get everything we listed above in this version in a most convenient way for being compatible with most Android versions, including the newbies that you may have heard about; Android 12 and upcoming 13. So, this version would be perfect with frequent easy updates and new features.

✔️ Greatness GCam Port

Those who want to go at the handy side of the camera, which means fast processing while capturing pictures and relatively less app crash ratio, Greatness GCam Port is the one they can believe in. Offering you tremendous configs, you can have enormous camera styles too with this Greatness Google Camera port, and it sounds like the best option for your Vivo phone.

✔️ Arnova8G2 GCam Port

Arnova8G2 port is meant for all those photographers who know more deeply about the Android and its Camera tactics, as this version also contains some developer features. In simple words, you can make the changes as you want if you have good knowledge and also, in terms of updates, this version is quite fast and frequent among all. Most new features get developed first on this Arnova8G2 Camera Port.

Among all these recommendations, you may have found your favorite option as all the Google Camera ports contain the exact features, but with the extraordinary functionalities which are rare in each. After this, you can choose to go any side as per your beliefs, likes, and dislikes.


Google Camera is obviously a featured android stock camera app, as people won’t like anything without unique and many privileges. Being a stock android camera, it offers you features of the modest camera apps, where you can take the configurations of different developers and install them suddenly to your phone.

There is more to know among the features, so let’s get ahead and cover them all –

Pro Res Zoom

Standing for the resolution of the pictures you get in your phone’s camera while zooming it and capturing, Google worked so long on this technology. We actually think that our phone’s camera can’t see far enough, but it can also be the incapability of our phone’s camera software, stopping it to capturing pro resolution images while zooming. GCam offers you Pro Res Zoom feature, which, once being enabled, offers you the capability to capture up to 6x photos with full focus.

Instant Share

Instant Share technology works with the proper mixture of Google Photos app with the Google Camera. You’ll feel gradually attracted to the app, as whenever you’re going to open the photos directly from the side button of the camera shutter, it’ll land you in Google Photos. It means that your photos are being saved on cloud (if you have enabled) and it’s easy to share them with a click. There would be a share button, and you’ll get all social media options after clicking on it.

Google Playground

Playground is for the play, and we didn’t have any animation things or virtual reality options on any stock or third-party camera app before. But Google has been working with this feature for so long. First of all, the Pixel phones accessed AR Stickers mode long before Pixel 3 launched for the first time. Nowadays, we call it Google Playground, a camera space with many attachable AR stickers to mix augmented reality with the picture reality.

Easy to switch Configs

There are tremendous android users who’re the best photographers and use Google Pixel smartphones for capturing pictures. You must have seen the immense camera configuration files they’re providing on their social media so that you can also capture all such pictures super easily. Yeah, you can install and switch the configurations by simply downloading it. We’ll have a detailed conversation about this after the features, so enjoy with the article.

Auto Focus mode

Are you still touching those spaces on your phone’s camera for focusing on a part of the photo being captured by stock cameras? Meet the Auto Focus mode that automatically focuses on each proper space to make the Portraits and even basic Photos look ultimately focused to a spot. It locks the focus somewhere so that you don’t need to click all the times on a space for keeping the background blur or unfocused. Try it now!

Motion Photo

Motion Photo is one of the advanced technologies of futuristic cameras. Even the GoPro has a feature to capture the motion photos by enabling a few feature options on there. First, if you are new to it, it’s basically designed to create a picture of you in motion so that you will not have regret for having the best picture with eyes closed or blemishes. The picture you’ll have would be in the motion for up to 1 second to choose the best part and keep it.

Video Stability

It’s so hard to provide any stability to our android smartphone’s camera setups as most of us do the rash photography, as per the requirement of the moment. We move and shake the camera in between recording the best videos, and that’s where things go south. Uploading such a video on social media doesn’t sound right to us, and then we start finding third-party apps which can stabilize it. GCam APK personally provides this feature, and you can unlock it by downloading the app below.

Photo Sphere

Photo Sphere is for capturing the whole universe until where you can see in a camera. If you know Panorama mode, it basically captures the entire horizontal surface on your phone’s camera, but there is Vivo for vertical, right? Photo Sphere works on all sides and after being a little stable with the camera, you can take pictures of what’s east, west, north, or south of you. This makes an image like a sphere ball that you can move with your fingers to see what’s there.

GCam: What’s working?

  • HDR+ Enhanced
  • Portrait Mode
  • Night Sight
  • Astrophotography Mode
  • And More (Likely Everything)

Steps to Load/Import XML Config Files on vivo V29 Pro?

Configuration files would sound new to you as until today, we only have used the camera apps which contain almost no configuration features as Google Camera has. Basically, there are more than 30 different features containing HSL and BW balance to be settled before taking the perfect pictures through this app.

We already told you that it’s the professional camera application that serves better for the pro photographers. Default camera settings would be all great, and you will find it super exceptional while capturing those moments, but if you want to capture photos like some professionals doing that on Instagram, there is a need for a Config file.

We know the best config files and adding one down below, with the process of loading it to Google Camera app. So, that in the future, if you’re going to like any such config, you can also load and import all those features in a moment

Download Config XML

After downloading one from the above link, it’d be an XML file, as it works damn properly with the camera app to have all the feature options and their settings ranged one by one on a sheet. Now you need to import this config library to the GCam folder, and you can make that with below few steps –

1. After installing the Google Camera port on vivo V29 Pro, launch it.

2. Open the Camera Settings by clicking that setting panel icon.

3. Find the Configs option if you get it there and open it.

4. Under the Save section, you’ll find out where GCam saves all its Config files.

By default, it’ll be GCam<Configs(x). (Here, this x is the version of Google Camera, as an example, the GCam 8 version will have a folder named Configs8 under the GCam folder.)

5. If we don’t have the folder, we’ll create one in the local storage folder named GCam.

6. Open the Downloads folder where you downloaded the config file from above or any of your favorite creators.

7. Copy this config.xml file to the GCam folder that we created most recently.

8. Reboot the Google Camera app on vivo V29 Pro and double-click on a blank black space around the shutter button.

9. You will now see a config file listed that we had downloaded so recently on our device.

10. After choosing that config file, the app will get rebooted once for getting all those settings and options installed automatically.

Later, after the app is restarted, you’ll see the camera’s colors and lighting overview get exactly changed as we have installed the new configurations in just a single installation.

Download Google Camera Port for vivo V29 Pro

All the recommendations we marked above for being the best ports of GCam APK for vivo V29 Pro, are now needed to be chosen among and downloaded to your device.

The simple trick you need to know is that downloading and installing would be manual and convenient if you’ll process the technique carefully. Finish the process slowly for a long time and then use the best settings in these GCam ports to enjoy using the camera.

We’re listing below those 3 recommendations, with the download links for each of them down below. If you’re finding any trouble in downloading these GCam Port for vivo V29 Pro, you can take the help of the downloading process, as that’s also being listed down below.

cropped Google Camera Icon
✔️ File NameGCam APK
✔️ Latest Version9.2

🔰 Note: Before you get started with this Google camera app, the Camera2API must be enabled; if not, check this guide.

It’s easy to download the advanced app package without bugs and viruses by clicking once. We’re testing it on many different android phones.

Choose one as per your usage, and in short overview, we’ll mark BSG port as the most well-known Google Camera port being working with a long trust.

The next Arnova8G2 Port is the favorite of those who want developer access to their phone’s camera and do some tweaks that be deeply known by them.

The last Greatness GCam Port is the convenience guru and the low crash rate port suggested for vivo V29 Pro smartphones.

best google camera 8 ports you should use 2

If you’re facing any problems while downloading the APK file, you can follow the below procedure step-by-step for downloading any of them –

  • Click the respected link for the GCam port for vivo V29 Pro that you loved and require among those three.
  • You’ll soon be there on the download page for the GCam APK version.
  • The download page will contain a Download button (link) that you need to click right now.
  • If you see a screenshot like below, you may have to provide the permission to your browser app for accessing Internal Storage.
  • Allow and enable that toggle to allow access and get back to the browser tab.
  • You’ll now find a Download button with an option to rename the app. It’s better not to rename it and download the app instantly.

Wait for the app package file to get downloaded on your smartphone, and soon you will get pinged by the chrome notification or whichever browser you have used about your app already being downloaded.

We’ll wait for you on the next part, which is installation of this app on your vivo V29 Pro with manual process.

How to install Google Camera APK on vivo V29 Pro?

No matter if you got a vivo V29 Pro smartphone or any other, the process of installing Google Camera APK would be absolutely the same. But as of now, we’re showing you how to install GCam on vivo V29 Pro device perfectly. We’ve tried it more than 10 times with great success.

All you need to follow a few steps as listed below, and you will soon have access to the revolutionary camera software, Google Camera –

1. Open the Settings app and get to the Security or Privacy section on your Vivo smartphone.

2. Find an option named Unknown Sources in the list of Security or Privacy Settings.

unknown sources 3

3. Enable the toggle for enabling the installation through unknown resources.

(If it’s asking to enable this function particularly for an app, enable it for the File Manager app on your phone.)

4. Now, launch the File Manager app on your phone from the app drawer.

5. Search for the recently downloaded Google Camera port, whichever you downloaded from the above three different versions.

Install Google Camera In Any Android

6. Click that particular camera app icon, and you’ll glimpse the prompt notification tab for installation.

7. Click the install button and wait until the app gets installed properly.

After a slight wait, you will find two options on the screen, including Open and Done. Hit the Open tab and the Google Camera app will launch on your smartphone in the first eye blink.

You can now access the camera’s menus and use GCam’s biggest features on the vivo V29 Pro.

clear app data or cached data

♥️ If you’re finding crashes in any of these versions, you can try clearing cache and data before using the app, as that helps most of the time.  


Is it safe to install GCam Port on vivo V29 Pro?

GCam Ports are safe to install on any android smartphone, but only if you’re downloading them from a trusted source and a respected version. We provide you all the three most trusted ports of Google Camera For vivo V29 Pro, and they are all taken from the developer sources directly. So, you can trust us for your phone being outstandingly safe after installing a port from here.

The GCam Port is crashing on vivo V29 Pro phone.

Crashing mostly happens if you’ve installed a non-compatible GCam Port on vivo V29 Pro. You can try any of the 3 compatible versions by downloading them from our website and installing manually.

Is it worth it to use Config XML files with Google Camera?

There is no word for the config files, so worth is still a small word in front of the rule. Suppose a simple step to be followed and all the best settings of the camera would get managed directly on your phone’s GCam. That’s how we can try many ways of making pictures and finally make our own unique style with the best photos.

Why Google Camera isn’t available on Google Play Store?

Google Camera is one of the restricted applications only for the Google Pixel Smartphones and except for those users, no one can download it from Play Store. you can get a Google Camera port compatible with your smartphone right here. Download latest version of GCam today from our website and use it on any of your non-Pixel phones.


After you add the XML files to the camera, Google Camera For vivo V29 Pro will make your photo-loving life even better. We had tried using the hyper settings of more than 4 different Pixel smartphones on your vivo V29 Pro smartphone, which were respectively the Google Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro.

All of them have a different configuration of the insider features, and you can enjoy the full overview without even buying any Pixel phone.

Now, anyone can follow the steps to download and install Google Camera on vivo V29 Pro.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to install and use the Google Camera app on your vivo V29 Pro. Give it a try and start capturing beautiful memories today!

🛡️ For future GCam updates, make sure to bookmark our website []

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