Google Camera | GCam APK v9.2 Download (All Phones) 2024

Everybody has that photo-loving part in them that wants to take the best pictures of their backs and selfies. We want to remember those moments forever. For giving vibes to that homie, we need the GCam APK on our phones.

We always say the same thing as it’s the eternal reality of this world, everyone should have an Android smartphone even if they have one iOS with them. These android phones pass us a key to the best part of our lives. You don’t have enough to stake in games, download the modified games, don’t get any subscription to streaming platforms, get a modified app, or if your phone’s camera isn’t good, what you need is right here, Google Camera APK.

If you’re living the Android journey for so long, you must know about the Google Camera software developed only for a few Android smartphones. Long ago, when we got those Google Pixel smartphones, the first thing we thought was that the camera part of that phone was the same as the official stock camera we got in our devices. But soon after, when they technologized the GCam software step by step, we found that it was like a hidden gem for the phone’s camera.

It’s the only thing that makes you trust in the software and AI technology more than that of the hardware. If you think that a camera lens plays the whole role while photography, you can be wrong as software plays the bigger role and there isn’t the working existence of hardware without it. Yeah, after understanding this, you’ll go searching for GCam APK for your Android phone, but we’re giving it to you way before that right down below. Check and Evaluate.

What is Google Camera APK?

It’s difficult to trust the stock camera app after thousands of third-party app developers have made different versions of cameras with built-in modes and filters. People are getting switched to camera apps like Retrica, PicsArt, ProShot, etc. to make their photography look professional and aesthetic. If your phone is also having a weak camera configuration and want to upgrade that without changing a phone, Google Camera APK is something that comes in the spotlight.

This app can take the complete responsibility of evolving your phone’s photography and all those features in just a few moments. After you install this app on your device, you will soon find out that software is the most important part while clicking pictures and making videos on camera. If you gave 4 marks to the Stock camera app on your smartphone, you’re obviously going to give this app above 8. That’s our guarantee.

But wait, do you think the Google Camera app is developed for any android smartphones? Most people make a mistake here, finding out the difference between Google Camera and GCam Ports. Basically, Google Camera is created by Google developers only for the Google Pixel Smartphones and that’s why no one can get this app on the Play Store. Finding it is impossible, but not as the GCam Ports developed for all other Android phones.

Download Latest GCam APK

What is the GCam APK Port?

GCam Port is a third-party creation developed for the smartphones which aren’t created by the Google Pixel series. You need to keep a look at one most important thing, i.e., when the Google Camera app crashed a lot on all the other Android smartphones, some smart developers actually created the modded version of this camera app. That’s what we call GCam APK ports these days. You’ll find many of them on the internet after browsing.

But again we were stuck in a disastrous problem even after someone created the GCam Ports for us; which one to choose among hundreds of them. Well, the most trusted and worthwhile created ports for our Android phones are among BSG, Arnova 8G2, and Shamim ports. But you don’t have to go onward and use each of them one by one, as they all work the same.

Yeah, that’s the truth, GCam Ports are developed after using the codes of Google Camera, so how can they be any different either from each other or Google Camera itself? That’s where we come to the conclusion of finding out the difference. Basically, every developer is working to create a GCam app compatible with a few Android smartphones. One worked with your phone may not work with your friends’ and we’re here today for the universal version.

Download Latest GCam APK v9.2

cropped Google Camera Icon
NameGCam APK
Version v9.2.14 (Latest)
Size320 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0+
DeveloperBSG (MGC)
Available onPlay Store
Last Update1 day ago

Until then, if you haven’t seen the detailed overview about the app’s features, you should go ahead and learn about it.

What’s new in GCam?

GCam APK is creating so many new updates frequently as the developers are getting new updates on the official Pixel’s Google Camera app. That’s why it became so important to be a frequent downloader of a new, updated version and install it. However, it doesn’t happen that frequently, and you still get a space of 1–2 months, but every new version provides you with access to a few new features as these are the new enhancements in the latest GCam APK.

Faster Night Sight

Faster Night Sight is the newest feature you’ll get with the latest Google Camera port, i.e., GCam v8.8. Basically, this feature rolled out most recently when many people commented and asked Google to reduce the time of creating Night Sight clicks. Soon after that, they worked hard to create this new version with faster Night Sight images and the exact quality you had before after a long processing.

Higher Compatibility

Higher Compatibility is important for those guys who’re finding a way to download Google Camera port for not having a Pixel smartphone. If your phone is facing the port that crashes at a higher frequency, this new version works with the higher compatibility, and that’s why there’s a huge probability that this version will work fluently on your device.

Higher stability

More stabilized videos and photography is proven in the newest version of Google Camera. There were the huge levels of stability lastly and the things got more sharpened and stabled with this latest version. You can see it with the naked eyes and compare any video or motion photo that you captured before this update vs with this update. The difference would be in front afterward.

New Zoom Bar

Google always works their best on the app interface too within the tremendous features to not just work well, but also look cool. This time, the coolness got elevated on the zoom bar side of Google Camera and that’s where you will see the new zoom bar with a slide and use feature. You can see a line from the lowest zoom to the highest one, and sliding would be the smoothest and newest feeling with this new version.


Other Popular Google Camera Ports

As we told you above, there are tremendous Google Camera ports developed for the Android smartphones and some popular ones we know are in the below list. You can download those versions directly from there as we described them with a link attached to each. But remember that the above universal version has more chances to work with your Android phone than these other few ports developed

BSG GCam Port

Among more than 70 modders or developers who create ports for Google Camera, BSG GCam Port is the renowned and quality-wise recommendation. Basically, BSG developers create vigorous upgrades and even in the latest Google Camera 8.6+ version, you’ll find BSG Update as the first developed.

Arnova8G2 GCam Port

Arnova8G2 is one of the main developers behind the scenes of GCam Ports. He is mostly known for developing the ports that enable users to choose the developer side options in Google Camera. Moreover, there are also some of the scripts taken from BSG to Arnova8G2, but as we said, the developer functions are mostly found in this GCam Port.

Greatness GCam Port

Samsung Galaxy S series, Vivo Y series, and most of the OnePlus users love this developer for the non-crashing GCam Ports created by him. Basically, Greatness just creates fixes to most of the OnePlus GCam ports developed by numerous developers, but Samsung and Vivo series are also the biggest fan of this developer.

Shamim GCam Port

This developer is known for creating the close to stock Google Camera Ports. Being close to stock, you can understand that not all android phones are compatible with the ports developed by Shamim. Basically, the devices with full hardware level or level 3 compatibility on Camera2 API can use the GCam ports developed by this creator with full stock access.

Nikita GCam Port

Nikita is known for OnePlus smartphones, majorly the OnePlus 5 series, including the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T. Also working on more OnePlus devices to provide bug fixes and crash fixes with other mod ports developed by top-notch developers.

MWP GCam Port

MWP is the exposure king of GCam Ports, and he mostly created ports for the Google Pixel Smartphones only, including some aesthetic updates in the exposure, hue, and saturation. He went up to the GCam 8.4 port update for most of the pixel smartphones.

BigKaka GCam Port

BigKaka is the legendary developer for the Chinese GCam Port users, as they can’t access the Google Services while using the Google Camera. If that’s what makes you face errors or crashes, you can download this port with removed Google Services requirement, added dev settings, config support, libpatcher, and fixed HDR.

Urnyx’s GCam Port

Urnyx is one of the major developers for OnePlus and Xiaomi Android users. He creates ports for both Pixel and Non-Pixel smartphones, where in last creation GCam 8.1 with fixed crashes, epidemic exposure, and saturation. Moreover, Sabre and Shasta adjustments are also done for some supported devices.

Wyroczen’s GCam Port

Nothing is more perfect than the Wyroczen’s GCam Ports if the smartphone you’re going to use Google Camera on are Redmi and Realme smartphones. The recent creation nailed similar details as per the photo, extensive sharpness, color enhancements, and working majorly for the MediaTek processor smartphones. 

Features of Google Camera

There are many features of Google Camera APK that will make your mind move with the mode vibes. There are tremendous modes important to know about and how it’s better than the stock camera app of your smartphone. We’ll get to know about each of these aspects one by one, but first let’s have an info about all the features you get in this Google Camera app –

HDR+ Enhanced Photography


HDR+ is the camera setting that you can use with the Google Camera app on your Android smartphone. This sourced setting is used in the camera app to make your photos vibrant and give them some colors even when it’s a little colorless or darker. There are three different modes in this option all standing for different programs, HDR, HDR+, and HDR+ Enhanced.

All these are the AI camera options that use the artificial intelligence of the light flow and stabilize all other settings regarding the composure of your picture. It automatically modifies the saturation, contrast, brightness, and color enhancements as per required, and you’re going to like this feature the most.

Clearer Portrait


By the word clearer portrait, you might find it absurd to understand the difference between this one and the actual portrait. Basically, these days the stock camera apps of some smartphones such as Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi come with an already beautifying portrait mode.

In simple words, if you’re going to capture a portrait for you, the beauty modes will work automatically and smoothen the already smooth blurred portrait photos. This thing sometimes hurts a lot, but Google Camera is the best among all in terms of capturing portraits. This app is the master of portrait capturing and people have reviewed the best about this app among all.

Video Stability


iPhone are known at their best for creating the time-lapse videos, ones that have got the fast versions, with clouds running, water flowing and all such things happening with the super stability. They are the devices which don’t even need the tripod setups for making your video stable as it’s already a feature to stabilize video in their software.

Google Camera on the other side is way ahead of camera stabilization. You get here the option to stabilize video in the video editor, even after you record that with an already stabilized camera option. Everything is super smooth in this camera app, and you won’t get away from it after getting it installed on your smartphone.

Dual Exposure Controls

Everything within the camera is customizable, similar to the DSLRs and those Sport Cameras you have as the costliest ones. You don’t need to spend that much for having a proper control on the camera, as a software is all you need and that looks the same as the Google Camera. Basically, it is the Google Camera, which is created to make things happen in actuality.

With this camera app, you’ll have complete control even of the exposure of pictures. Here you can enhance and reduce the dynamic range of pictures and change the brightness in the real time while capturing the pictures. If you don’t want to go on the complicated side, the HDR+ Enhanced option will automatically do everything for you.

Motion Photography

motion sensor

Motion photography has so many features that allow people to take the best clicks and videos of the while. Most of the time, the shot we take looks like it could be good, but just if we hadn’t closed our eyes at the proper time. No regression anymore as the Motion Photography option is waving to you from the door of Google Camera.

It can be enabled from the awesome app features and afterward, you will take each of the pictures with motion. Whenever you get back to Google photos, you can see what you captured in a motion to click the moment between, which is the best among all. One picture with no blemishes, closed eyes, red eyes, or wrong pose is all you need.

Config Installation

It’s good to be like a beginner when we are really a beginner. We are all here to learn things on this planet, and we can’t be distracted by our inner self saying that we know everything. There are millions of creatives out there in this world, and they didn’t have that thing in their mind for the first while which made them super brilliant as they are today.

If you are a professional creative head, you’re good to go ahead, but as an exception, beginners will have the best option in Google Camera to enhance their skills like a pro. Config Installation works here as the knowledge packs. Basically, there are numerous photographers who are using the best configurations in GCAMs and you can use that by installing their configurations to your camera app. You’ll get to know below how it actually works.

Burst Shot


Burst Shot is the mode of Google Camera that creates enormous shots of you in a while you click the shutter button. You must have seen many photographers when they click the pictures, it goes like click…click…click…click…click… Five or six burst shots in just a single setting, and even more if they want a creative picture of the person.

This professional candid pose photography is now available on Android phone’s camera too and where all you need is the Google Camera app installed on your device. Afterward, you can go for the Burst shot, which is actually a candid seeker mode of this camera app. Must keep this acknowledged after downloading this app, as that’s one in a million features.

Photo Booth


Photobooth is a place where you can use the AI functionality of Google Camera software and make an automated selfie setup. This setup will automatically capture a selfie of yours whenever you get the good background, amazing lighting, composure, contrast, etc. without you waving in the camera or choosing the best version of your picture.

More features

We shared all the above features in detail, but still, a few features remain that we need to tell you about GCam APK. These features will be the light in your photography and make you a pro camera user. In simple words, they are super important to know at least in brief before you start using the camera application. So let’s get ahead and know about them all one by one.

Photo Sphere mode

The Photo Sphere mode of Google Camera actually makes a bigger moving picture that you can move through your thumb and fingers on your device and check what all the sides are. Capturing such kinds of pictures needs to be a little more stabilized, as you will find out that a simple mistake can make a part of that picture blurry. Happily, the GCam APK has that feature available.

Playground with AR

AR states Augmented Reality and yeah, you can use the AR photography on the Google Camera app. There are tremendous AR stickers that you can mix up with your pictures and make it look like real animations created on your photos and videos. The same AR photography got renamed as Playground once Pixel 3 was launched. 

Night Sight

Night Sight lets you take the best pictures even if it is night, and you are not using any background light. It works so hard to alter the contrast and brightness of the camera lens and make the best pictures in low light zones. You can also try this camera mode with the HDR+ Enhanced protocol to make it look more advanced.

Super Res Zoom

Have you noticed that whenever you zoom in your phone’s camera and capture a picture, it gets wholly blurred most of the time? This happens because our phone’s stock camera app doesn’t contain a feature named Super Res Zoom. I’m not saying it’ll work any above 6x zoom, but still up to that zoom, you can get super resolution photos while using GCam APK.

Auto Focus

Auto Focus works very well when you are not relatively okay to focus every time while capturing a picture. You may have seen so many people clicking those spaces on their phone’s camera app every time just to focus the picture all those times. But you don’t need to do that after having this camera port for having an Auto Focus mode meant to focus on pictures automatically.

Frequent Faces

Yes, we get it so hard in filtering pictures these days from dates and in that case, filtering people is impossible. Even in the phone’s gallery, we need to create different albums and rename each guy while picking their pictures. GCam automatically saves the frequent faces and filters them all aside somewhere easy to access. This is a blessing for a photo adorer.

Top Shot

Top Shot is again an AI technology of Google Camera that automatically picks up the best pictures among so many and asks you to delete all the non-competent ones. This helps people save their time choosing pictures as well as saving the storage, and that’s also one of the major reasons why they all love using Google Camera above any other camera app.

Color Pop

You must have seen so many photo filters in your life, but the color pop is realistically professional, and it’s almost nowhere out there on the internet. Basically, this filter automatically pops out the color from a part of your picture. Suppose if you’re standing in front of the beach. In that case, GCam will automatically BW (black and white) your body’s color, while keeping the beach behind you colorful. That’s really aesthetic.

Slow Motion

It has become a need these days after short videos and Instagram Reels to create the slow motion videos and post them on there. It’s the trend that’s taking up so many likes, comments and follows. This camera app works with the quality of short videos and that’s where they create such videos with the whole fluency you need.


Do you really love learning about the universe and capturing pictures of the sky with the most rapid quality so that you see almost everything in there? I had a smartphone with a not so good camera lens, but the Astrophotography mode of GCam APK allowed me to click a picture of the moon in the amazing resolution and creative mode. Try it now!

How to install Google Camera on an Android?

There is a separate procedure that goes manually and installs the Google Camera app on your Android smartphone. We discussed above that there isn’t any Play Store or App store where you’re going to find Google Camera or even the GCam Port APK on the internet. What you really need is to install the GCam APK manually on your phone and for that, you need to follow the below simple procedure –

Step 1. Download the APK file for GCam from a link pasted in the above Download section of the article.

Step 2. Later after download, you will find out the app in File Manager under the default Downloads folder.

Step 3. After seeing the app as listed on File Manager, click it.

Step 4. Allow the access to install third-party apps on your smartphone using File Manager.

Install Google Camera In Any Android

Step 5. Thereafter, get back to the File Manager, and you’ll get the Install button this time.

Step 6. Click the Install button and wait until the GCam app gets installed on your device.

Step 7. Wait for a while until you see the app got installed successfully.

After that, you can get to the App Drawer of your smartphone and find the recently installed Google Camera app listed there with the icon of the stock camera app for Android phones. If you’re finding some crashes while opening the app, you can get rid of them by just clearing the cache and data of that camera app. Otherwise, you’re good to go with all those amazing camera modes and the coolest features.

Why do people like to use the Google Camera app?

People do love the Google Camera app way more than their phone’s stock camera, and it’s also statistically proven, as there are hundreds of millions of people who searched GCam APK or Google Camera in the Google Play Store. Google wants to keep this app only for their built smartphones with the Pixel branding, but there are some third-party app developers who are creating bundles of happiness for us all.

After using it for a while, even you will fall in love with the Google Camera as the fluency it provides with the camera software and the modes which are there are absolutely amazing. Moreover, even in terms of processing photos and adding all those configurations properly, GCam works absolutely fine more than any other camera application for android.

Why does Google Camera keep crashing on my phone?

If the app keeps crashing on your phone, you need to follow a simple procedure, and it’ll surely help –

Step 1. Find the GCam app in the app drawer of your smartphone.

Step 2. Click and hold the app icon to open the App Info page.

Step 3. Under the App Info page, open the Storage section.

Step 4. There you need to clear both, Cache and All files of the camera app.

Step 5. Restart the app and it’ll surely work for you.

If it’s still crashing on your phone, you must need a different version, as you downloaded a wrong version incompatible with your device. Don’t worry and get a compatible version from this link.


Is GCam APK a trusted app?

Yeah, GCam APK is a trusted app as before being developed by the third-party developers, it’s the source code of the official Google Camera being presented by it. There are a few scripts and those are important to let the camera app work on the smartphones which are not in Google Pixel series, and for that, we really should love the developers.

Does the GCam APK work on iOS smartphones?

I’m really sorry, but you can’t use Google Camera ports on any iPhone as these devices are privacy and security freaks and that’s where they stop manual installation of apps from unknown sources. Currently, you must need an Android smartphone to download, install, and use the Google Camera app with its full capabilities.

What are the advantages of using GCam?

There are so many advantages to using GCam or Google Camera app on an android smartphone, and we had created this based article on the app for evaluating and adding all the important features with the detailed information. You can go through the above linked article and have all that info with ease.

Can I download GCam?

Yes, you can download GCam (Google Camera) on your Android device. However, not all devices are compatible with GCam and you may need to find a specific version that works for your device.

What is the best version of GCam?

Some popular and highly rated versions of GCam consider GCam Mod by BSG, GCam Mod by Arnova8G2, and GCam Mod by cstark27.

What are the requirements for Google Camera APK?

Generally, it requires an Android device running on Android 10 or higher. It may also require certain hardware features, such as a compatible camera sensor and processor.

Is Google Camera any better than Stock Camera?

Not just any, it’s all better than the Stock Camera app. You won’t find the power of a car until you drive it, and that’s where we come to the conclusion that an experience is so important before judging the software. That’s why we’re sharing our life experience with you, where Google Camera is named as the god of android photography.


Have you downloaded and installed the Google Camera app on your Android smartphone? If that’s where we are right now, I’m ready to invite you to an experience of the gigantic performance of capturing pictures. You are about to get a potent journey of tremendous amazing camera modes like Astrophotography, Motion Photography, and Super Res Zoom.

Moreover, there would be a different version of photographer you’ll see after using this app. All your old experience with the stock camera is about to vanish as you’re going ahead to download this new camera app technologized with AI based features. Let’s count the numbers until you start to feel like a professional photographer.

GCam APK for All Android Phones
Google Camera Port 2

Google Camera is created by Google developers only for the Google Pixel Smartphones, and that’s why no one can get this app on the Play Store. Finding it is impossible, but not as the GCam Ports developed for all other Android phones.

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